Ml soulful getaway

A stunning villa, surrounded by beautiful nature exclusively available to us from the 15th till th 19th of may 2024. Only a 2,5 hours drive from ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Are you up for an exclusive and unique ML Getaway experience? Freshly cooked slow food, activities and workouts for your body, mind & soul.

early bird

What's included?

• Accommodation (private villa)
• Daily workouts & sessions
• Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners by our own chef
• Healthy snacks & fresh smoothies
• Drinks
• Unforgettable activities (Theme night, sunrise & sunset sessions, pool activities, game night)
• Hike through nature
• Special ML Suprises ;)


• Yoga
• Meditation
• Boxing
• Strength
• Pilates
• Mobility
• Workshops
• Beat based classes
• Stretch classes

Reset & Recharge

Start the day with a short meditation session, take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy your coffee in the beautiful nature around the villa. Set your intentions for the day, have interesting chats and join our sunrise yoga sessions.

Discover & Enjoy

Try new workouts and sessions or join a relaxing sunset stretch. From intensive workouts to a mesmerizing hike in nature or making a fresh lunch all together to connect.

Connect & Disconnect

Sessions and workouts to feel and let go. You decide the reason to join and we help you reach those wishes. We are carefully curating this program to get the most out of this unforgettable trip for everyone of you.

This is the first edition of ML GETAWAY.

join the getaway

We are beyond excited and can’t wait for this journey together. Join us on this unforgettable experience. Sign up now and get the early bird discount and be sure to get an exclusive spot during our exclusive 4-day getaway. Please keep in mind that there are only 20 spots available! Your booking is confirmed after the (first or full) payment.

early bird

• 10 spots available
• Pay in 3 terms, see FAQ for dates.
• Available till 1 September 2023, or sold out

€ 750,00


• 10 spots available
• Pay in 2 terms, see FAQ for dates.

€ 825,00

Frequently asked questions

Am I allowed to invite other Member or friends?


YES! This trip is not exclusively for ML Members, you don’t have to be a member - So just spread the word!

What are the payment dates?


EARLY BIRD (€750,00)
10 spots available

1st term:
Directly by reservation, the latest 31th of August
2nd term:
Latest 10th of February 2024
Last term:
Latest 8th of may 2024

REGULAR (825,00)
10 spots available

1st term:
Directly by reservation
2nd term:
Latest on the 8th of may

Are all the activities mandatory?


Nothing is mandatory during this trip, but we strongly recommend to join the full program to get the most out of your trip.

I’ve got food allergies, what do I do?


You can share your allergies and diet wishes with us - you can e-mail it already to

What happens if I need to cancel?


If you, unfortunately, have to cancel, travel & accommodation expenses are non-refundable (400 euro). If you cancel after February 10 2024, you have to pay the full amount.

Travel to and from destination


The location is on a 2,5 hour drive from ’s-Hertogenbosch. You can either drive yourself, with other getaway fellows or you can send your name and info later in the process, so we can setup a carpool for you.

Isn’t your question in this list?


Send an e-mail to and we will get back tot you asap.