4 concepts

Every moment and every member requires different needs. Wellbeing is not one size fits all. Therefore, we move with every moment and every need. That is why at ML we offer four concepts: ML Cycle, ML Sweat, ML Zen and ML Stretch.

Whichever concept you prefer, each session is designed to empower your body, mind and soul and offers opportunities to evolve.


ml cycle


A Rhythm Cycling class, while engaging in a full-body 'party' workout, goes beyond the spinning you might have done in the past. Our ML Cycle classes offer a unique workout experience for both body and mind. Dance on your bike to the beat of your favorite tunes, and leave the outside world behind. Our instructors guide you through a journey of physical effort and mental focus. Feel the energy flow in an inspiring setting with neon lights and pounding music. These 45 minutes in the dark not only promise intensity and motivation but also provide a complete escape from the daily routine.

ml sweat


Introducing a Killer Beat-Based and Cardio Training session. Run on the Skillmill, jump on and off the plyo box, and engage your core on the mat. All of this in three dynamic stations where teamwork and challenges drive us to burn 1000 calories (!!) in just 45 minutes. The Skillmill adds an extra layer of intensity to your run, while the plyo box exercises boost agility and explosive power. Meanwhile, the core training on the mat ensures the perfect core stability. Each move brings you closer to conquering the 1000-calorie challenge within this fast 45-minute session.

ml zen


Experience relaxation, flexibility, and power in our diverse yoga classes. In Yin Yoga, surrender to extended poses targeting specific body areas for deep tension release. Hatha Yoga, one of the oldest styles, focuses on mind-body balance and breath awareness. Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic flow practice, seamlessly links postures with breath, creating a harmonious sequence. Starting January, we're excited to introduce Prenatal Yoga, a specialized class for expecting mothers.

ml stretch


Enhance strength and flexibility in our Pilates, Barre & Mobility classes. Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates, forms the core of all training, enhancing breathing, posture, and lifestyle for holistic health. Barre, a fusion of Pilates, Ballet, and Yoga, targets muscle groups through small, repetitive movements. It offers diverse benefits, enhancing flexibility, strength, and providing an enjoyable experience. Barre exercises, executed at the ballet barre, focus on core, upper body, buttocks, and legs, promoting long, beautiful muscles. Mobility Training improves joint mobility, vital for overall joint health and flexibility.

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