At ML City we are doing our very best to make it simple and clear for you. Nevertheless it still happens that you might have some questions here or there. Very strange we think, but okay. And that’s a joke of course ;) . The anwers to our frequently asked questions you find below.

ML, who are those people?


ML City consists of multiple locations in Den Bosch & Breda. We have 4 concepts: ML Zen (Yoga), ML Sweat (HIIT), ML Cycle & ML Stretch (Barre, Pilates & Mobility). We offer small group classes where personal attention, music, vibes and being yourself are our main focus points!

our app


We use an app for our clubs. You can save this app on your phone the first time you visit. In the app  you can book your schedule, buy credits and more.

See our apps here:



Are you joining us for the very first time? Don’t be scared, we are here to get you up and running. Please come 10 minutes prior to your first class. This way we can explain what is coming, or give you an extra hand with the bike or skillmill.

trial class


A Trial class is valid for 3 months and only usable 1 time. Don’t forget to be there 10 minutes prior your class the first time.

Validity Credits


You credits are personal and valid for 6 months. Did you get an injury or travelling for a longer time, send us a message through the app and we help you to find a solution.



• Please wear clean shoes inside of our gym. 
• Treat eachother with respect, we think it is very important that people can be themselves. Since we think this is our most important houserule we ask you to send us a memo if you do not get this feeling. 
• Please be in time, door closes 2 minutes before the class starts, so make sure you are there 5 minutes before the class starts.

Cancel class


You can cancel your class for free up to 4 hours before the class starts, after that you loose your credit. Something last minute happens? Please send us a message!



A membership at ML City is for a minimum of 3 months. After that you are able to end your membership monthly. Please be aware that you end your membership BEFORE your new months starts. We automatically collect your fee on a monthly basis from your bank account.

Merchandise and bar


You can order products from our desk on your account. We will charge this monthly automatically or send you an invoice.



Unfortunately we don’t have options to park your car. Join our lessons by walking, cycling or by public transport.

Cancel membership


Cancel your membership? That’s sad to hear 😔. Cancelling your membership is easy. Send a message through the app including your reason that you end your membership. Our customer support will get back to you asap.

Note: A membership is for a minimum of 3 months. After these 3 months it's possible to end your membership on a monthly basis. Does your membership start at the 15th of the month, make sure you send us a message latest on the 14th. Otherwise it will take an extra month before your membership ends.

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