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We’re thrilled to announce that the ML City App is officially live and ready for you to download! This app is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, offering a range of features that make managing your fitness schedule easier and more efficient than ever before.

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Learn more about our concepts

ml cycle


A rhythm cycling class while doing a full body party workout. This class goes beyond the spinning you may have done in the past. In 45 minutes we not only promise intensity and motivation, we unite with the beat of the music and merge with our bike. This class is a complete escape from your daily routine.

ML Zen


Experience relaxation, flexibility, and strength in our extensive range of yoga classes. Discover the calming essence of Hatha, the deep release of Yin, the dynamic flow of Vinyasa, and the harmonious energy of Flow Yoga.

ML sweat


ML Sweat is our high intensity strength and conditioning session. Featuring the Skillmill for intense running, plyo box jumps for agility and core exercises for stability. Burn up to 1000 calories in just 45 minutes. ML Burn (sister to ML Sweat) also focuses on strength and conditioning, but to the beat of music with hand and body weights.

ML stretch


Improve your strength and mobility by joining our diverse range of ML Stretch classes, including Pilates for core strength and alignment, Barre for toning and balance, and Mobility for joint health and flexibility.

You can try out all ML classes with the 7-day sprint

bredaden bosch


Joining the ML Movement means joining a team fueled by growth and vitality. Our dynamic activities and events are designed to bring renewed energy to every aspect of life, keeping our members motivated and inspired.


We empower our members to push their boundaries and tap into their limitless potential. Through tailored classes and experiences, we guide them to discover their inner strength and overcome life's challenges with confidence.


At ML City, we embrace change and encourage our members to venture beyond their comfort zone. By creating opportunities for personal development, we facilitate growth and transformation, helping individuals evolve into the best version of themselves.

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ML, who are these people?

ML stands for Mats & Lijn, the founders of ML. During one of their countless sparring sessions, one plus one suddenly became two, or rather ML. Mats studied sports and became head coach, while Lijn became marketing and communications chief. Our goal has always been to make sport a passion rather than an obligation. Call us sports fanatics, but that has been our goal since we ML was founded in 2019.

They are not only business partners, but also partners in life. With a family of four, they know all too well how difficult it is to combine sport with a chaotic life. That's why ML City energizes, empowers and evolves you into the best version of yourself so you can face life's challenges with confidence.

How can I book a class or see the schedule?

We use an app to manage all bookings and schedules in our studio’s. Click here to make an account. Tip: You can save this app on your phone the first time you visit by saving it on your homescreen. In the app you can book your schedule, buy credits and more.

See our apps here

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Are you joining us for the first time?

Are you joining us for the very first time? Don’t be scared, we are here to get you up and running. Please come 10 minutes prior to your first class. This way we can explain what is coming, or give you an extra hand with the bike or skillmill.

How long is a trial class valid?

A regular Trial class is valid for 3 months and only usable 1 time. Don’t forget to be there 10 minutes prior your class the first time. The Summer Starter Pack is valid for 1 month. Try to pick up your work out routine as soon as possible :).

How long are credits valid?

Your credits are personal and valid for 6 months. If you have an injury or are you traveling for a minimum of 4 weeks, send us a message via the app or send an email to We will help you find a solution.

How does an ML Membership work?

A membership at ML City is for a minimum of 3 months. After that you are able to end your membership monthly. We automatically collect your fee on a monthly basis from your bank account.

Can I park near the studio?

Unfortunately we don't have any parking facilities. You can walk, cycle or take public transport to our classes. Is this not an option? There are plenty of pay and display car parks around the studio. Please see our studio information page for details.

Are there any house rules?

Please wear clean shoes inside of our gym.

Treat each other with respect, we think it is very important that people can be themselves. Since we think this is our most important house rule we ask you to send us a message if you do not get this feeling.

Please be in time. The door closes 2 minutes before the class starts, so make sure you are there 5 minutes before the class starts. Are you coming for the first time? Please make sure you are there 10 minutes before class starts.

Are there any merchandise and/or other products I can buy?

You can order products from our desk on your account. We will automatically charge your account on a monthly basis or send you an invoice.

Is there water in the studio?

Bring your own water bottle and fill it up in the studio. Forgot your bottle? You can purchase water at the ML Desk.

What do I do if I need to cancel my class

You can cancel your class for free up to 4 hours before the class starts, after that you loose your credit. Something last minute happens? Please send us a message!

Can I cancel my membership?

That’s sad to hear. We’d like to hear why you want to cancel your membership. So send us a message through the app including your reason that you end your membership. Our customer support will get back to you asap.

Note: A membership is for a minimum of 3 months. After these 3 months it's possible to end your membership on a monthly basis. Does your membership start at the 15th of the month, make sure you send us a message latest on the 14th. Otherwise it will take an extra month before your membership ends.

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