ML City Breda

You'll find this place at De Gruyterpassage 10 in Den Bosch. It's a great spot for working on your physical strength and a balanced mind. This is where you can book all your ML classes.

You don’t have to come prepared. We have dressing rooms available and you can put you valuable stuf in our lockers.

Try to get there about 5 to 10 minutes before class. If a class is still going on, just wait in the entrance until it's finished.

Just a heads-up: we don't have shower facilities available.

You can park at the Albert Heijn car park (address: Anna van Burenstraat 24). Just to let you know that this parking garage is open during the same hours as Albert Heijn. Another option is Q-Park (Stationslaan). Just a heads-up: both parking options require payment.

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