We create a space for personal growth within the chaos of modern life. As an all-in-one boutique gym, we offer a variety of class styles to suit your schedule and preferences: ML Cycle, ML Sweat, ML Burn, Yoga, Pilates and Barre.Claim your trial class now and experience it for yourself.

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ml cycle


A rhythm cycling class while doing a full body party workout. This class goes beyond the spinning you may have done in the past. In 45 minutes we not only promise intensity and motivation, we unite with the beat of the music and merge with our bike. This class is a complete escape from your daily routine.

ML Zen


Experience relaxation, flexibility, and strength in our extensive range of yoga classes. Discover the calming essence of Hatha, the deep release of Yin, the dynamic flow of Vinyasa, and the harmonious energy of Flow Yoga.

ML sweat


ML Sweat is our high intensity strength and conditioning session. Featuring the Skillmill for intense running, plyo box jumps for agility and core exercises for stability. Burn up to 1000 calories in just 45 minutes. ML Burn (sister to ML Sweat) also focuses on strength and conditioning, but to the beat of music with hand and body weights.

ML stretch


Improve your strength and mobility by joining our diverse range of ML Stretch classes, including Pilates for core strength and alignment, Barre for toning and balance, and Mobility for joint health and flexibility.

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